Alfresco versions

Overview of versions and compatibility

Alfresco versions overview

This is an overview list of Alfresco versions. It lists both the Loftux releases and releases by Alfresco (the company) and their compatibility between versions.

You should be able to move between a Loftux build and an Alfresco build as long as they have the same schema version, or the schema version is higher in the version in the release you plan to use. Please be advised that you should do proper testing before any switch/upgrade of release before taking it into production.

If you want to use a Loftux release please contact us or build from source and check out the version by tag. Loftux customers have access to pre-built binaries.

For Alfresco release, follow the link in the version label.

Loftux releases

Version Schema Notes
LX100 10057 Symbolic Linking Fixes
LX99 10057 Same as LX98 + Loftux Symbolic Linking extension
LX98 10057 Based on 5.2 201707. Fixes for Share Document Library gallery view; permission issue for checked out document moved between sites, + more
LX97 10005 Based on 5.2 20170511. Merge Alfresco Security fixes.
LX96 10005 Based on 5.2 20170221. Additional fix for preview.
LX95 10005 Based on 5.2 20170217. Merged Alfresco changes.
LX94 10005 Based on 5.2 2017018. Fix for preview afterCommit causing DB preview fail.
LX93 10005 Based on 5.2 20161213
LX92 10005 Based on 5.2 20161102 + Fix for Preview. Fix file renaming on new version upload. Included Swedish language pack.
LX91 10001 Based on 5.1.f + Fix for Kerberos SSO fallback
LX90 9016 Based on 5.1.e
LX82 8022 Based on 5.0.d + Security Fix Apache commons-collection CVSS 10.0 vulnerability
LX81 8022 Based on 5.0.d + Security Fix Groovy Lib. Fixed malformed Download Url
LX80 8022 Based on 5.0.d + Fix for EML Transformations and Solr indexing
LX72 8009 Based on 5.0.c + fix for Kerberos SSO
LX71 8008
LX70 8008
LX69 8008
LX67 8001

Alfresco releases

Version Schema Notes
5.2.g - 5.2.f 10057 201707 GA Release
5.2.f - 5.2.e 10005 201704 GA Release (same as 201702 with RM addon added)
5.2.f - 5.2.e 10005 201702 GA Release
5.2.e - 5.2.d 10005 201701 GA Release
5.2.d -5.2.c 10005 201612 GA Release
5.1.f 10001 201605 GA Release
5.1.e 9016 201602 GA Release
5.0.d 8022
5.0.c 8009
5.0.b 8006 Whats new in 5.0.b
5.0.a 8001 Whats new in 5.0.a
4.2.f 6033 Security fix release for 4.2.e
4.2.e 6033
4.2.d 6032 New in 4.2.d
4.2.c 6022 New in 4.2.c
4.2.b 6020
4.2.a 6019 New in 4.2.a