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Fixing the invite email template in Alfresco Share

apr 05 2011

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n Alfresco Share you can easily invite both internal and external users to a Collaboratio site. Alfresco will create the user account with accompanying password if the user doesn’t already exist. The invite is sent as an email message to the invitees containint links to accept or reject the invite, from thereon the user can start to collaborate in information in the collaboration site.

Google Site News dashlet with Drag and drop configuration

mar 07 2011

Categories : Tips and Tricks, Tutorials

If you are looking for plugins to Alfresco Share, Will Abson (personal blog) has created an excellent collection of dashlets, themes and document actions available at Share Extras. To this collection I have contributed a dashlet, Google Site News, the first version created soon after the release of the initial release of Alfresco Share. It has been available as part of the Alfresco Developer Toolbox downloadable from the Alfresco web site.

Tags : google, dashlet, Dnd

Touchpad client for Alfresco based on jQuery Mobile

jan 27 2011

Categories : Tutorials, Notes

As many others did this christmas I got myself an iPad. And what better use could have of your Touchpad than browse your document repository with it?
Alfresco Share isn’t really Touchpad friendly, and the beta Mobile client Alfresco did hasn’t been updated for the latest versions. My guess is Alfresco will release something more touchpad/mobile friendly, but why wait?

Tags : mobile, client, jquery