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Loftux is expanding

apr 10 2014

Categories : Announcements

This week is the first week for my new employee Bhagya Silva, who is most Welcome and will be a great addition to Loftux AB.

Most of what I have done in terms of Add-ons and customizations for my clients have been developed using Javascript since that is what I know. I’m actually more from the business side of things. Bhagya on the other hand is a versatile developer that will add lots of knowledge, so there will be some more Java in the deliveries from Loftux from now on. Add to that great skills in client side of web development. This makes the still very small Loftux team able to deliver even greater solutions to the Alfresco Community and of course our customers.

Again, I wish Bhagya welcome!

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Alfresco Maintenance message

feb 06 2014

Categories : Tips and Tricks

Every once in a while you need to restart Alfresco. When you do, it would be nice if the user could be informed on why the system isn’t available.
For this purpose I have created a maintenance page to be used when you use Nginx as a front-end to Alfresco. It will detect when the backend (Alfresco tomcat instance) is not available (you get an 50x response) and instead display this page:

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