Alfresco Community Support

Where can you get support for Alfresco Community edition?

Alfresco Community edition is not commercially supported by Alfresco or its certified partners.

Loftux AB can offer you peace of mind with your Alfresco Community installation by utilising our expertise on Alfresco Community edition without the relatively high cost of Alfresco Enterprise edition.

We have customers who are running Alfresco Community edition in production and get the best in class build of Alfresco Community edition through Loftux AB.

Are you happy using Alfresco Community edition?

If you are running Alfresco Community edition, we can help you with your installation by providing a support contract and services around it.

Upgrading from Alfresco Community edition?

If your organisation does not require the Enterprise only features, we recommend you upgrade to LXCommunity ECM.

Learn more about LXCommunity ECM

We maintain a commercially supported bug fixed version of Alfresco Community named LXCommunity ECM

It can be cost effective and faster than running Alfresco Enterprise edition depending on your organisations needs. Contact us to learn more and request a demo.