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Syvab uses Loftux provided solutions on top of Alfresco to run mission critical document management to keep the southern Stockholm greater area clean. The solution includes contract management and other customisations that enable Syvab to meet the regulatory requirements required for government owned companies.

Alfa Quality Moving

Alfa-Quality Moving is one of the largest relocation companies in the Nordics. Loftux provides their mission-critical document management solutions along with secure collaboration and sharing solutions.


The leading provider of model and drawing related IT in the Nordic region uses Loftux built solutions and customisations for an upto date Alfresco installation used to distribute their software.


TAM-Arkiv is an archiving organisation that has historical records starting from 1860s. The total content they own would be over 8000 meters of length if laid in a single line. They use Alfresco solutions from Loftux for ensuring the digital and digitised historical assets are stored and managed in a safe and a scalable environment.

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